Internet as a Resource for Images and Videos for a Company Website or Presentation

    View Authors November 2013

    The Internet offers such a huge amount of content that within just a few moments you can always find the right picture, video or audio file that will definitely liven up your company website, presentation or blog. However, most of this content is subject to copyright, which means that downloading it and making it part of your own works requires an approval of its author, ordinarily in the form of a license agreement.

    The fact that you did not manage to find the author or to obtain his/her approval, will not help your defense in the event of a dispute. Neither can you rely on the idea that the holder of copyright is the same person as the owner of the website, on which the content is placed. On the contrary, in response to pressure of copyright holders, services like Facebook and Google have introduced relatively simple mechanisms for reporting any copyright violations and with respect to its removal they are fast and uncompromising, carrying out only minimum investigations regarding justifiability of the concerned notifications. So how to create a nice presentation without infringing other persons´ copyrights?

    *This article was published in Právní Rádce No. 4/2013