Müller-Boré & Partner Patentanwalte. Rechtsanwalte v OHIM

    November 2013

    Müller-Boré & Partner Patentanwalte. Rechtsanwalte v OHIM (Eugen Popp, Wolf E. Sajda, Johannes Bohnenberger, Volkmar Kruspic – intervening parties)
    16 September 2013

    The General Court has confirmed that there is a likelihood of confusion between a CTM application for MBP filed in respect of Patent agent services; legal services; services of a representative registered at the European Patent Office (European Patent Attorney); consultancy, representation, providing of expertise and research (technical and legal), in particular in the field of protection of industrial property regarding patents, registered designs, registered effects, trademarks, topography, plant varieties protection, copyright, employed inventors’ rights and protected privilege licences; administration of protected privileges including fee monitoring; legal research concerning the protection of industrial property, in particular research into international protected privileges; technical consultancy; technical and legal translations in Class 42 and an earlier CTM registration for ip_law@mbp., registered in respect of law firm services.

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