ASIC's Increased Financial Requirements for Custodians and Asset Holders is Set to Kick in on 1 July

    June 2014

    What You Need to Know

    Who is Affected?

    This information is important if you:

    • are a responsible entity (RE) or IDPS operator who holds scheme assets (an asset holder)
    • provide custody services as a core part of your business (a custodian)
    • are an incidental provider of custodial or depository services (whether retail or wholesale) (an incidental provider), or
    • appoint an external custodian.

    This information is particularly relevant if you obtained your financial services licence before 1 July 2013.

    For more information, please view our publication.

    If you have questions about how these changes affect you, or would like further advice on complying with your AFSL obligations, please feel free to contact us.