The Congress Ramps Up Action on Cybersecurity Legislation

    View Author 5 September 2014

    Possibilities for Data Protection/Breach Legislation Still Exist

    While not a day goes by without a new cybersecurity attack, the recent news of the Russian criminal gang who is alleged to have stolen over 1 billion user names and passwords as well as 500 million email addresses reinforces the great need for action on cybersecurity legislation. In the face of continuing concerns over cybersecurity, both the House and Senate have moved quickly in just the last 30 days alone to move legislation forward.

    It is clear that the recent activity in the House and Senate shows a commitment to moving individual cybersecurity bills forward which ultimately still have a chance for enactment this year. The “Lame Duck Congress” may well be the place for both cybersecurity and data protection/data security legislation to be completed.