Russia Moves to Limit Foreign Ownership in the Media Sector

    View Author October 2014

    On 26 September, Russia’s lower house of Parliament (Duma) adopted by a vote of 430-2 a bill to limit the foreign ownership, control, or operation of Russian mass media editorials or broadcasters to 20 percent or less, thus further restricting the current rules that cap foreign control of radio and television at 50 percent, and have only limited application to print media. The bill could be signed into law imminently, thus entering into force as early as 1 January 2016 and requiring foreign investors to divest as soon as 1 February 2016.

    Please see attached for a client alert explaining the bill and its potential impacts, which we thought would be of interest to you and your clients due to the potential implications for the telecom industry, foreign investors, and cross-border dispute resolution.