As of 1 March 2015 Rules of Temporary Allocation of Employees in Slovakia are Changing Significantly

    March 2015
    On 1 March 2015 the Act No. 14/2015 Coll. on changing the Act No. 311/2001 Coll. the Labor Code, came into force. This government-proposed amendment has been passed by the parliament regardless of the strong protests of employers and the President’s veto. 

    The amendment is a real game changer for temporary allocation of employees, so called ‘personal leasing’. The most important changes include the introduction of prohibition of temporary allocation for performance of hazardous labor, introduction of presumption of temporary allocation and prohibition of chaining of temporary allocations, introduction of maximal length of temporary allocation, establishment of the employment relationship ex lege, and introduction of joint-responsibility of the agency of temporary work, employer, and user employer. Another significant change is that the definition of ‘dependent’ labor has been changed. 

    This overview provides the basic information on most significant changes of Labor Code brought by the amendment.