Examining Healthcare Competition: A Report from the FTC/DOJ Workshop

    March 2015

    The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Department of Justice (DOJ) recently held the second of a series of workshops designed to enhance their understanding of the competitive implications of a rapidly evolving healthcare industry. The two-day workshop summoned experts from government, academia and business to address some of the industry’s most significant developments. There were robust presentations on accountable care organizations (ACOs), exchanges, emerging provider network designs, alternative payment models and provider consolidation. Following the presentations, there were spirited question and answer sessions in which representatives of the FTC and DOJ had the opportunity to press the speakers on certain issues. The agencies continually stressed the importance of this exercise to the execution of the antitrust laws. They proclaimed that antitrust law is consistent with healthcare reform and that they are committed to preserving competition in the midst of the changing landscape.