US House of Representatives Passes Two Major Bills, Sets Stage for Senate Action

    April 2015

    This week, during what the House dubbed as “Cyber Week,” the chamber passed two major pieces of cybersecurity legislation that seek to update and authorize voluntary information sharing platforms that allow the federal government and the private sector to share information about cyber threat indicators they are seeing on their networks. The passage of these bills is an important step forward in passing meaningful cybersecurity legislation that will serve as a means to better protect the nation’s critical infrastructure.

    As more and more private sector companies experience cyber attacks and are looking for ways to protect their networks, these information sharing bills will provide a mechanism for companies to use to share information with the federal government about the cyber threats they are experiencing, while also receiving information from the government that will help them to better identify, mitigate and respond to cyber threats on their networks. These bills will have a tremendous impact on the private sector’s ability to protect their networks by facilitating more effective and efficient ways to share information about cyber threats with the federal government. Critical infrastructure sectors like banking/financial services, health, transportation, energy, water/wastewater, communications, chemicals, manufacturers, information technology and many others will benefit greatly from this effort.