BE-10 SURVEY MAY 29 DEADLINE: Mandatory Reporting Requirement for US Companies

    View Author May 2015

    Every US company, whether it is headquartered in the US or is a subsidiary of a foreign company, must complete a US Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) 2014 Benchmark Survey of US Direct Investment Abroad (“BE-10 Survey”), if it has even just one foreign affiliate. The May 29, 2015 deadline is fast approaching for companies that are required to submit fewer than 50 forms. However, BEA has indicated that it will likely grant reasonable requests for an extension, so long as the request is received before the applicable deadline.

    BEA collects data on US investment through a variety of surveys. While many of these surveys only require a response if the US company is contacted by BEA, US companies subject to the reporting requirements of the BE-10 Survey are required to submit a response whether or not they are contacted.