Capital Markets Practice: News Round-Up Issue No. 5/2015

    View Author May 2015
    The topics covered in this issue are:
    • Takeover Panel: Consultation on the Treatment of Dividends. The Takeover Panel Code Committee has outlined proposed amendments to the Takeover Code in relation to the treatment of dividends paid by an offeree company to its shareholders.
    • Transparency Directive: Delegated Regulation on Regulatory Technical Standards on Major Holdings. The European Commission has published a delegated regulation which sets out regulatory technical standards on major holdings under the amended Transparency Directive. 
    • ESMA's Response to the Capital Markets Union Green Paper. The European Securities and Markets Association has published its response to the European Commission’s Green Paper on the Capital Markets Union and is supportive of working towards an integrated capital market encompassing all EU member states.
    • Tadawul Opens Doors to Foreign Investment. Saudi Arabia’s Capital Market’s Authority has published its rules for qualifying foreign investment in listed shares.
    • Capital Issuance: Statistical Release. The Bank of England has released the latest set of capital issuance statistics, which contains gross and net issuance by UK residents.