UK Immigration Policy: Migration Advisory Committee Publishes Analysis (Rather Than Recommendations) on Tier 2 Minimum Salary Thresholds

    View Author August 2015

    Following a call for evidence in relation to a proposed increase in Tier 2 salary minimum thresholds on which we reported in June, we submitted a formal response to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).

    The MAC has today published its report on Tier 2 salary minimum thresholds but rather than making any recommendations in its 172 pages, it has instead provided analysis on “the economic rationale for and the impact on net migration of setting new minimum salary thresholds with a focus on ensuring that Tier 2 migrants are not undercutting the resident labour force”.

    We are pleased to confirm that the report is generally supportive of businesses’ concerns and that the MAC is not currently recommending an immediate increase in Tier 2 salary thresholds. However, the Government has previously indicated that it will push ahead with fast-track measures to increase salary thresholds in the Autumn, so it remains to be seen whether the report will influence its proposals.