Big Data, Big Challenges in Evidence-Based Policy Making

    October 2015

    Washington DC senior attorney Mark Johnson contributed a chapter to Big Data, Big Challenges in Evidence-Based Policy Making, a multi-disciplinary study of how to glean insights from massive data sets to make better public policy decisions.

    Published by West Academic Publishing, Mr. Johnson’s chapter, titled “Big Data and International Privacy Concerns: Conflict, Harmonization, and International Data Transfers,” <link title to PDF> discusses how in the era of Big Data – the recent explosive growth in the collection and processing of all kinds of data, especially personal information about individuals – data is sent from country to country to country for analyzing, storage and later access. The chapter examines how different countries and regions are regulating these international data transfers, and how these efforts have often been in conflict with each other. Of particular note are the different approaches to regulating data protection and privacy for individuals between the United States and European Union, which has resulted in a years-long – and recently exacerbated – conflict over the transfer of personal information of EU citizens to the United States.