Dubai's Public Private Partnership Law

    December 2015
    Public Private Partnerships, or PPPs, are essentially partnerships between government and the independent private sector, pursuant to which delivery of a public service is transferred, for a period of time, from the public party to the private party. These structures have, for many years and in many countries, been seen as a means of risk sharing and creating collaboration between the two sectors on substantial infrastructure and like projects. With a few notable exceptions, that has not, however, been the norm for such development in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    On 19 November 2015, Dubai’s Law No. 22 of 2015 Concerning Regulating Partnership Between the Public and Private Sector (the PPP Law) came into force. Prior to the advent of the PPP Law, under the long-established infrastructure development model used in the UAE, government alone has largely been responsible for the development and construction of each infrastructure project, and owns each such project, financing it entirely from its own resources. The new law may herald a change to this.