Betting on Both Sides of the Marketplace (and why Tiger Global is the Keyser Söze of tech investors)

    December 2015

    Because neither the press nor the adoring public can seem to get enough of anything Uber-related, I may as well kick off this week’s post with one of the more noteworthy news items from this past week in tech.

    According to “unnamed sources,” Uber is back on the fundraising circuit again. Though reports vary as to the target fundraising amount, the Wall Street Journal – again, citing unnamed sources – recently reported that the total fundraising target is likely to exceed US$2 billion on a pre-money valuation of nearly US$65 billion.

    A couple points of interest from those reports, including one that’s worth some comment here because it comes up every so often even for companies not raising amounts that exceed the GDP of most Central American countries.

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