Firm Hosts Third Annual International Contracts Roundtable Event in Paris

    View Author June 2016

    Lawyers from the UK and France have jointly hosted the third in a series of annual roundtable events in Paris. This year’s event was on the subject of “Techniques for Dispute Avoidance in International Projects”. The discussion explored the issues that clients might face when seeking to avoid formal disputes in large international projects under common law contracts.

    The event took place on 1 June 2016 at the firm’s Paris office. It was very well attended by delegates from clients such as Bouygues, Spie Batignolles, Vinci Grands Projects, ArcelorMittal, Egis SA and Dessange International. Our team included Graeme Bradley, Robert Norris, Alex Johnson and Stephen Evans from the UK, and Antoine Adeline and Alexandre Le Ninivin from Paris.

    Once again, this event was a lively and interactive discussion. Delegates posed some interesting questions for the panel on topics such as mediation, when is optimal to consider alternative dispute resolution methods, and how to ensure that disputes may be avoided by ensuring the drafting of contracts reflects the true commercial intentions of the parties.

    A “key points” document summarising the main points to take away from the discussion will soon be available and distributed to the delegates. Given the success of the event, and building on the success of previous events, the team is hoping to host further roundtable discussions in both Paris and the UK, as well as in our other offices around the globe.

    Please contact Alex Johnson in the UK if you are interested in attending future discussions or have any questions about this event, and similarly, Alexandre Le Ninivin for French-related matters.