Further Regulations of the Polish Retail Market – New Legislation in Preparation

    View Author August 2016

    The Polish government continues its efforts aimed at further regulating the Polish retail market.

    Having taxed supermarket chains with special tax, which in the government’s opinion is aimed at levelling the playing field between supermarkets and small Polish retail outlets, the government has decided to take the next step in furthering regulation of the retail sector with the new Act on Counteracting Abusing the Contractual Advantage in Trading Agricultural and Groceries which is currently being discussed in Parliament.

    The purpose of the new Act is to protect both suppliers of food products as well as re-sellers (distributors) who purchase them for further trade. Having read the justification for the new act as presented by the government, one may believe that the new legislation is aimed at protecting small farmers and grocery suppliers against the abuse of bargaining power (induced by economic power) of large retail chains (supermarkets).