Guide to Health and Safety Considerations for Licensed Premises

    View Author September 2016

    Nicola Smith has authored these practice notes in partnership with LexisPSL.

    Licensed premises owners and operators must consider and implement health and safety law in the workplace like all other employers. Undoubtedly, a licensed premises which provides activities including the sale or supply of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment and the supply of hot food and hot drink, may present risks to health and safety owing to the nature of these activities. This is both in terms of operation (eg for movement and storage of heavy barrels, glassware, hot crockery, music volume and crowded spaces) and in terms of the potential intoxication of customers, which may increase the likelihood of incidents.

    There is a wide range of existing legislation concerning health and safety and in order to assist local authorities in reviewing these considerations in respect of licensed premises. This Practice Note is intended to provide an overview of the key legislative and policy considerations.

    These practice notes were first published on LexisPSL and have been reproduced with their permission.