Weekly Data Privacy Alert - 26 September 2016

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    Our Data Privacy & Cybersecurity team is pleased to share with you a weekly alert on data privacy issues. This week's alert covers news from the UK, EU, Germany and the US. 


    • Parliament Hears First Reading of Unsolicited Marketing Communications (Company Directors) Bill 2016-17
    • Worldwide Data Breaches Increase in 2016
    • Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union Finds That “RTBF Not Absolute”
    • Guernsey Plans to Keep in Line With the GDPR
    • Advocate General: Draft Agreement Between Canada and the EU on PNR Data Partly Illicit
    • The “Deutsche Juristentag” Votes on Digital Reforms of Civil and Labour Law
    • New York State Proposes Cybersecurity Regulation for Financial Institutions
    • Developments Regarding International Communications Privacy Act