The Aviation Law Review – Dominican Republic

    View Author October 2016

    In the fourth edition of The Aviation Law Review, Santo Domingo partner Rhina Martinez Brea and associate Mayra Jacobo contributed a chapter on civil aviation activity, legislation and laws in the Dominican Republic.

    Civil aviation is an activity of fundamental importance for the Dominican Republic, having an enormous impact on the country's commercial activities in general. In particular, civil aviation constitutes one of the principal tools for the development of tourism in our country. In 2015 alone, 6,231,834 international passengers visited the Dominican Republic, mainly through two of the eight international airports: Punta Cana International Airport and Las Americas International Airport.

    The geographical location of the Dominican Republic makes it a potential hub for international passenger traffic, as it provides easy access to and from major cities in the Americas and Europe. Currently, approximately 55 international airlines have authorization to operate regular flights to and from the Dominican Republic.

    In the Dominican Republic, civil aviation is governed by the provisions of Dominican Law No. 491-06 (Civil Aviation Law) and its Regulations, without prejudice, and by several international treaties and conventions duly ratified by the Dominican Republic. The scope of the Civil Aviation Law includes the inspection, oversight and control of all domestic or foreign civil aircraft, their owners, operators, crew, passengers and cargo transported in such aircraft, as well as any person who is involved in aviation activities within Dominican territory, that departs from, lands on, overflies or in any other way is under the jurisdiction of national sovereignty.