Workplace View

    View Author October 2016

    Welcome to this month’s edition of Workplace View.

    • Our lead article takes a look at the latest case law on the implied term of reasonable notice and what measures employers can take to prevent dismissed employees claiming a substantial amount of notice.
    • In our “Did You Know?” section, we provide an update on the timing of the introduction of harmonised Work Health Safety laws in Western Australia.
    • Our “OSH Update” refers to a recent decision of the Fair Work Commission where an employee was dismissed as a result of bullying which took place outside of work hours.
    • In our International Spotlight, our counsel Daniel Leung in our Shanghai office, looks at the reform of the working hours system in China and provides practical advice for enterprises operating in China who intend making any substantial changes to their working hours system.
    • In our Employer Reminder we remind employers to be alert to employees who attempt to “double dip” when it comes to employment claims.
    • In our Let’s Get Quizzical section, we test your knowledge on the right to work in Australia.

    We hope you enjoy the October edition of Workplace View.