Workplace View

    View Author November 2016

    Welcome to the November edition of Workplace View. In this edition:

    • Our lead article looks at the complexities that arise when misconduct in the workplace leads to concurrent investigations, one by the employer and the other by police.
    • The Employer Reminder encourages you to review the restraint provisions in your employees’ contracts of employment on the back of a recent decision by the Victorian Supreme Court in Just Group Ltd v Peck [2016] VSC 614.
    • Did You Know? again draws your attention to your employees’ contracts of employment, this time to an annualised salary clause alerting you to the risk of an underpayment claim if you fail to get the clause correct.
    • A landmark UK decision on the status of Uber drivers is summarised.
    • In Meet the Team you get to know Sydney associate Jessica Geelan a little bit better.

    We hope you enjoy the November edition of Workplace View.