Flashes and Flurries – Financial Services in the First 30 Days of the Trump Presidency

    View Authors February 2017

    As 2017 begins with President Trump in the White House and both the House and Senate under Republican control, Washington is poised for potential changes to financial services regulation. This article provides an overview of such changes from both an administrative and legislative perspective.

    Specifically, the first part of this article identifies and analyzes the Executive Orders that will (either directly or indirectly) impact the financial services sector. These Executive Orders as written will require: (1) a review of current financial services laws and regulations; (2) a review of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Fiduciary Rule; (3) a regulation “freeze”; and (4) a reduction in the current number of regulations. Part two turns to Capitol Hill and provides an overview of the current state of play of financial services reform and discusses expected developments forthcoming in Chairman Hensarling’s “CHOICE ACT 2.0.”