Brexit and Immigration: Practical Guidance for Businesses with EEA Staff

    View Author March 2017
    The government’s recent Brexit White Paper has indicated its intention to safeguard the status of EEA nationals in the UK (and the issue is currently the subject of debate between the House of Lords and the Commons) but it seems we are no further forward on how this will work in practice or when any concrete assurances will be given. There is also mounting concern among employers with a material proportion of EEA staff as to whether they will be left short of workers at all skill levels if their access to the EEA labour market is restricted or removed altogether (fuelled further by indications of a drop in the number of EEA nationals coming to or continuing to work in the UK, even before we have left the EU). We are still months, maybe years away from the finer detail of any future policy but the following guidance includes suggestions as to how employers might put themselves in the best position to act promptly as and when the government’s intentions become clearer.