Weekly Data Privacy Alert - 13 March 2017

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    Our Data Privacy & Cybersecurity team is pleased to share with you a weekly alert on data privacy issues. This week's alert covers news from the EU, France, Germany and the UK.


    • European Data Protection Supervisor Issues Opinion on Proposals to Enhance Consumer Protection in the Digital Sphere
    • The CNIL Publishes a Six-step Methodology to Prepare for the GDPR
    • Berlin Data Protection Commissioner Provides Information About Working Paper on Biometrics in Online Authentication
    • Schleswig-Holstein Data Protection Commissioner Warns Against Deteriorations in the Protection of Data Under the Draft Law on the New Data Protection Act
    • Federal Data Protection Commissioner: Automated Driving shall not Introduce Electronic Tachographs Through the Backdoor
    • Bavarian Data Protection Authority: Patient Files may not be Stored in Unlocked Filing Cabinets in a Publicly Accessible Cellar Corridor


    • House of Lords Committee Releases Report on Driverless Vehicles