I’ve Received a Notice From My Former Landlord Asking for a Release From Its Covenants – Now What?

    View Author April 2017

    When your landlord transfers its interest in a commercial property to a new individual or company, your landlord is likely to seek from you release from their obligations under the lease. Failing to respond to such a notice within four weeks will lead to the automatic release of your former landlord from their obligations under the lease, so it is important to act on any notice in a timely manner in the event that you have grounds to object to the release. Moreover, the new landlord taking over will be required to assume your former landlord’s obligations so it is important that this person or company is able to do so.

    We have designed a key checklist to help you start thinking of what you need to consider and do to help you to protect your position when your landlord transfers its interest in your property.

    Please note that this is just a general guide to help you start your thought process for what you need to do and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.

    You can view the PDF checklist using the button above.