Interactive Construction & Engineering Newsletter Launched

    May 2017

    Our Construction & Engineering group has just launched their second interactive global newsletter which is a ‘must’ for anyone working in the sector. 

    Sharing the group’s insight through a series of case studies, ‘hot-topics’ and regionally focused articles, it highlights many of the current and developing legal issues around the world.

    A special issue this month is a ‘compare and contrast’ review of the differences between the use and effectiveness of risk allocation clauses in contracts, across Africa, Australia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain, UAE, UK and the US.

    The group includes many lawyers with real-world experience of construction and engineering, from previous careers or secondments, and a number are qualified surveyors or engineers. Excellent relationships with the industry’s finest personnel and experts enable us to provide commercial, pragmatic legal advice wherever your project is located in the world.

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