Hot Topics in Pensions – Summer 2017

    View Author June 2017

    Our game show themed summer Hot Topics in Pensions may bring back some memories, as well as providing a path through The Crystal Maze of pensions developments.

    • As a "starter for 10", we highlight some of the legislative gaps left by the Finance Act 2017 and the Pension Schemes Act 2017.
    • We then hit the Bullseye by considering current consultations and what to look out for next.
    • The Chase is clearly on in terms of the Pensions Regulator's recent enforcement action.
    • Further case law on RPI/CPI proves that this is far from Child's Play.
    • Are You Smarter than a 10 Year Old? You will need to be for the latest employer debt proposals!

    Finally, if you are Game for a Laugh, you may wish to attempt our legislative anagram at the end of the publication.

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