Developments With the UK’s Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Bill

    View Author September 2017

    The announcement of the Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Bill (A&EV Bill) in the Queen’s Speech in June was a significant leap forward for the UK in establishing itself as a global leader in connected and autonomous vehicles (C&A vehicles).

    The A&EV Bill, as well as two previous iterations of similar bills, is aimed at ensuring that “the next wave of self-driving technology is invented, designed and operated safely in the UK.”

    The A&EV Bill’s predecessor, the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill, was first proposed in last year’s Queens Speech in May 2016, known then as the Modern Transportation Bill. After consultation, the revised bill entered Parliament in February 2017 under its new name. However, the decision by Theresa May to trigger an early general election looked to impede the progress made to the legislative framework thus far.