EU-US: Export Controls and Sanctions Update for Summer 2017 (July/August/September)

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    In this issue, we cover:


    • Entry Into Force of Additional Requirements for Licenced Trade With Iran
    • Sanctions on Russia Expanded Over Allegations of Diverted Turbines
    • Further Sanctions Imposed on Libya by EU and UN
    • EU Transposes UN Sanctions on North Korea
    • New Sanctions Introduced Criminalising Failure to Report Offences
    • US Enacts New Economic Sanctions Against Iran, Russia, North Korea and Syria
    • Trump Administration Extends Review Period and Suspension of Sudan Sanctions Program
    • BIS Amends the EAR to Reflect Changes to the MTCR Annex
    • BIS Publishes EAR Encryption Updates
    • Trump Administration Imposes Additional Venezuelan Sanctions
    • OFAC Sanctions Parties From Singapore, China and Russia for Aiding North Korea
    • Turkey Removes Longstanding Export Restrictions on Copper and Aluminum Scrap
    • UN Approves Further Sanctions Against North Korea
    Enforcement Actions
    • ExxonMobil Corporation to Pay US$2 Million Penalty for Sanctions Violations From Russia Energy Contracts
    • Singapore Firm Agrees to US$12 Million for Violations of US Iran Sanctions
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