The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Investigations

    View Author September 2017

    The recent growth of corporate data — both in volume and complexity — is exponential and unabated. A 2016 report from IBM estimated that 90% of the world's data had been generated in the previous two years. With new systems and devices constantly being developed, this trend is sure to continue. One byproduct of this growth has been a commensurate increase in the complexity of corporate investigations, as lawyers are faced with vast amounts of data to sift through. In response, artificial intelligence is increasingly being incorporated into government investigations to organize and analyze large, diverse sources of data and documents.

    In this article published in Law360, co-authored by Zachary Adams and Richard Chalk, director at Navigant Consulting Inc, they consider the foundation of artificial intelligence in corporate investigations, its uptake by government and regulators, and potential pitfalls that companies will want to consider before rolling out such technology.