Spanish Corporate – Real Estate Legal Update Nº 35

    View Author November 2017
    Welcome to the latest issue of our Spanish Corporate-Real Estate Legal Update where you can find relevant information related to Corporate-Real Estate.

    This issue contains the following articles:

    The Real Estate Credit Bill for Amendment of the Spanish Mortgage Act

    The Spanish Council of Ministers has approved the forwarding to Parliament of the Real Estate Credit Bill, the purpose of which is to reduce costs associated with modifications to mortgage agreements and to reinforce transparency

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    Spanish Royal Decree-Law 15/2017 Confirmed, Allowing "Express" Relocation of Registered Offices Within Spanish Territory

    Resolution of 19 October 2017, of Spanish Parliament, ordering the publication of the resolution for validation of Royal Decree-Law 15/2017, on urgent measures concerning the mobility of economic operators within the territory of Spain

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    Necessary Consent of the Creditor in Capital Increases by Credit Off-set

    Resolution of 12 September 2017, of the National Registers and Notaries Directorate General, in the appeal filed against the rating score issued by the Mercantile Registrar of Lugo, suspending the entry of a capital increase resolution

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    The EU Declares the Illegality of the Prohibition on Selling at a Loss in Spain

    Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (Fifth Chamber) of 19 October 2017

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    Charge Levied on the Municipal Administrative Activity Regarding Empty Dwellings in Barcelona is Declared Null and Void

    Ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia. Contentious-Administrative Chamber, Section 1, Ruling 531/2017, 30 June 2017, Appeal 778/2016

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    The Liability of the Bank Institution for Breach of Its Duty of Control With Respect to Funds Deposited

    Ruling 249/2017 of the Madrid Provincial Court, Section 19, 22 June 2017, Appeal 297/2017

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    Limit to the Maximum Term for Subrogation in Lease Agreements Executed Prior to 1985 

    Ruling 198/2017, 30 May, of the Coruña Provincial Court, Section 4

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