Hot Topics in Pensions – Winter 2017/18

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    Welcome to our special pantomime-themed Winter Hot Topics in Pensions, in which we play the part of the good fairy, putting a practical spin on issues of villainous proportions. Among other things, we shine our spotlight on:

    • Data – This has to be the hottest topic right now, whether perceived from the perspective of GDPR, anti-money laundering regulations or the new record-keeping requirements on this year's scheme return.
    • Legal Entity Identifiers – Does your trustee board need to have an LEI by 3 January 2018?
    • Consultations – Including the latest on DC to DC bulk transfers, contingent assets, and disclosure of costs and charges.

    Audience participation is always welcome. Oh no, it isn't! Oh yes, it is! If any of our readers would like to shout out any questions, we are ready and waiting to respond.