Workplace View

    View Author December 2017

    Welcome to the December edition of Workplace View.

    • Our lead article reviews the significant regulatory changes in 2017, as well as some controversial changes through the FWC’s modern award review, and discusses what to expect in 2018, including an expected increase in sexual harassment claims.
    • In our Did You Know? section, we consider a recent case where the right of an employer to direct an employee to take gardening leave was implied into the employment contract, even where there was no express clause.
    • In our Employer Reminder, we highlight two cases from this year regarding “after-party” conduct being cause for dismissal.
    • In our Migration Alert, we consider significant changes in the migration space over the past six months in relation to Australia’s temporary and permanent work visa programs.
    • In our OSH Alert, we look at the importance of ensuring employees are “sun smart”, as a recent decision found an employee’s occupational setting was significant in the development of his melanoma.
    • In our Meet the Team this week, we introduce Jane Silcock, a new senior associate in our Australian Labour & Employment team.
    • Our Events Update provides details of our Labour & Employment Seminar Series for 2018, including seminars on sexual harassment, migration, independent contracting and mental health issues in the workplace.

    We hope you enjoy this edition of Workplace View.