US Immigration 2018: Updates and Expectations

    View Author January 2018

    2017 was a frenetic year when it came to US immigration. From the initial chaos of the Travel Ban to the drama of DACA, we witnessed the new administration initiate profound shifts in immigration policy and practice. When it comes to employer-sponsored immigration, perhaps the most lasting impact of 2017 will be the Presidential Executive Order titled, “Buy American and Hire American” (BAHA), issued in April 2017. This executive order proclaimed, “to create higher wages and employment rates for workers in the United States, and to protect their economic interests, it shall be the policy of the executive branch to rigorously enforce and administer the laws governing entry into the United States of workers from abroad . . .” 2018, likewise, has started with a bang! This alert includes contains key information to be aware of as we kick off the new year.