The Dynamics of Successful Family Wealth Transfers

    View Author February 2018

    We are excited to present the following white paper, “The Dynamics of Successful Family Wealth Transfers,” written by Dan Berick, co-head of our global Family Office cross-practice team. Over the past several years we have had the privilege of working globally with our clients and their other advisers to accomplish their families’ objectives. Along the way, we have gained an understanding of what it takes for families to create the optimal relationship between ownership of family wealth and its effective, coordinated management.

    This white paper outlines considerations for success in developing effective family governance, common pitfalls from the field and potential functions of the family office – beyond serving as an investment manager – that can foster intergenerational cohesion and empower and position successive generations to continue to build family assets. 

    We hope you find this white paper informative and thought provoking as you begin or continue to seek ways of building cohesion, across generations, to help drive the successful stewardship of family assets now and into the future.