EU-US: Export Controls and Sanctions Update

    View Author March/April 2018
    This publication from our International Trade Practice looks at the shifting regulatory framework for international trade and compliance on both sides of the Atlantic.

    In this issue, we cover:


    • EU Amends the Scope of Sanctions Against the Central African Republic
    • EU Prolongs Validity of Certain Sanctions Enforced in Relation to the Situation in the Ukraine
    • European Commission Starts Consultations on Its Guidelines for “Specially Designed for Military Use” Under the Transfer Directive
    • EU Prolongs and Simultaneously Amends Its Sanctions in Relation to Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • EU Extends the Validity of Its Sanctions in Relation to the Situation in Libya
    • EU Amends Sanctions Against Egypt
    • European Commission Published the Updated List of Competent Authorities Under the Kimberley Process, Including Venezuela
    • EU Extends the Validity of Its Sanctions Against Iran
    • EU Adopts New Embargo and Sanctions Against Myanmar
    • UK Amends the Consolidated List of Strategic Military and Dual-use Items
    • UK Issues New Open General Export Licence and Updates 26 Open General Export Licences
    • UK Company Fined Six-figure Sum for Illegal Exports
    • UK Issues Guidance on Application of the “Cryptography Note”
    • OFAC Amends and Reissues North Korea Sanctions Regulations
    • OFAC Issues New Russia-/Ukraine-related Designations
    • BIS Denial Order Against ZTE
    • President Trump Issues Executive Order 13827
    Upcoming Events
    • Cocktails and Conversations at the BIS Conference – Washington, DC, 14 May. 
    • US Export Controls Workshop – “The ITAR ‘Virus’ Continues to EARvolve!” – Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK, 23-25 July 2018 
    We encourage you to visit our blog The Trade Practitioner, where you will find further updates on export controls, sanctions and other international trade topics. In addition, organizations engaged in the trade of items specially designed for military or space applications are encouraged to download our complimentary ITAR Practitioner’s Handbook covering the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the US Department of Commerce “600 Series.”