US Tax Reform: New Opportunities for Chinese Clients

    View Author June 2018

    在2017年年底前后,美国国会和特朗普政 府进行了30余年来针对美国联邦税制最全面 的改革,其中许多条款已于2018年1月1日 生效(“美国税制改革”)。

    美国税制改革在过去几个月已经“开始运 作”,如下我们为在美国经营或投资的中国 公司、金融机构和基金介绍一些关键问题和 机遇。

    Near the end of 2017, the US Congress and the Trump Administration enacted the most comprehensive reforms of the US federal tax system in more than 30 years, with many of its provisions taking effect on January 1, 2018 (US Tax Reform).

    Having seen US Tax Reform “in action” over the last few months, we set out some of the key issues and opportunities for Chinese companies, financial institutions and funds with operations or investments in the US.