Hot Topics in Pensions – Autumn 2018

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    Join us on our alternative tour of the UK, as we travel from Loch Ness to the White Cliffs of Dover (via Coventry), taking in local history, myths and legends as we travel. Our journey highlights some important current pensions issues for trustee and corporate agendas. Get your flask and sandwiches ready and off we go!

    Amongst other topics, we highlight the following:

    • When dealing with transfers, “good practice” and “due diligence” make a perfect marriage – check your processes to avoid a last minute dash to Gretna Green
    • Prevent your scheme from becoming a DC master trust inadvertently – it may creep up on you like the Beast of Bodmin Moor
    • The Pensions Regulator is clamping down on late actuarial valuations – trustees would need more front than Brighton to escape attention
    • Take care not to lose the warm cover offered by “privilege” – it would be like finding yourself on freezing-cold Ilkley Moor baht ’at
    • Expectations around member communications are high – we scale the Brecon Beacons of disclosure requirements
    • Beware the traps of investment “gating” clauses – it may be easier to get out of Hampton Court maze

    If any questions arise throughout your journey, our tour guides/Pensions team would be happy to assist.