Pensions Lessons for Trustees – The Best Days of Your Life?

    View Author September 2018

    The month of September always evokes a “back to school” feeling, irrespective of how long ago your own school days were.

    We invite pension scheme trustees to a school reunion in our 2018 bumper edition of “Pensions Lessons for Trustees – The Best Days of Your Life?” Our action-packed tutorial of current issues is themed on school life from the 1950s to the present day. We hope to evoke a touch of nostalgia in all of our readers. We also provide a Homework Planner, which is a short checklist covering the key actions highlighted in our communication.

    Amongst the topics covered are:

    • The Pensions Regulator – Future developments and recent use of powers by the industry’s head prefect.
    • Disclosure of information – Changes that could have slipped off your homework list.
    • Pensions rules – Case law affecting scheme amendments and pensions overpayments.
    • GDPR – A hop and a skip through some of the practical issues.
    • On the horizon – Developments to build into your timetable.

    Please contact any member of our Pensions team for further information about any of the topics covered.