Family Office Insights 2018 Collection

    View Author January 2019

    Due to popular demand and positive response, we are pleased to present the Family Office Insights 2018 Collection – an assembly of thought leadership authored by members of our global Family Office team and distributed to our family office contacts around the world over the course of the past year. Included herein you will find informative pieces on the key issues and trends affecting family offices, today and in the future, including the following;

    • The Single Family Office Roadmap
    • Family Office Insights: Foreign Investment Into Australian Agricultural Land Assets
    • Family Office Insights: Impact Investing for Family Offices
    • Family Office Insights: UK Register of Beneficial Owners – The Details
    • Family Office Insights: Opportunities in the Global Revolution Into Renewable Energy Market for Family Office Investors
    • Family Office Insights: Forgiveness – The Missing Piece of the Family Puzzle
    • Family Office Insights: “Death of Retail” Rumors Overblown, Opportunities for Returns Still Exist
    • Family Office Insights: Happy Families?
    • The Dynamics of Successful Family Wealth Transfers
    • Family Office Insights: Beneficial Owners of German Subsidiaries

    We hope that you find these perspectives to be both informative and thought provoking, and we look forward to providing you with future installments of our Family Office Insights series in 2019.