Brexit: Where Do We Stand at the Beginning of March?

    View Author March 2019

    The House of Commons voted back in late January to amend a neutrally worded government motion on the status of negotiations between the UK and the EU by passing both:

    • The Brady amendment, calling on the government to replace the Northern Ireland Protocol (the backstop) to the Withdrawal Agreement with “alternative arrangements” (stating, subject to this change, the Withdrawal Agreement would be accepted)
    • The (non-binding) Spelman amendment rejecting a “no-deal” Brexit

    On that date, an initiative to give Parliament more influence over the process, through an amendment tabled by Labour’s Yvette Cooper, together with Conservative MP Nick Boles, that would have created a legal obligation on government to extend the Article 50 timetable (i.e. delay Brexit) unless a deal is approved by Parliament, was defeated.