Hot Topics in Pensions – Spring 2019

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    Land ahoy! In our spring edition of Hot Topics, we celebrate a theme of exploration, as we take up the challenge to boldly go* where no pensions publication has gone before in our quest to discover the latest developments.

    Our publication includes:

    • The expanding galaxy of professional trustee standards
    • Exploring the depths of new powers for regulating schemes and settling disputes
    • Discovering the new land of patient capital investment, which is not Lilliputian in size
    • The Fogg of both GMPs and transfers – we could go Around the World in Eighty Days and be no further forward on our return

    Whether you prefer to travel by Trains, Planes and Automobiles, space ships, submarines or flying houses, we hope that our publication takes you on an informative pensions voyage.

    For further information, please contact any member of our pensions team.

    *please excuse the split infinitive!