Making the Pledge to Refresh Polish Arbitration

    View Author July 2019

    Squire Patton Boggs Warsaw managing partner Eligiusz Krześniak was interviewed by Commercial Dispute Resolution (CDR) for a recent article about the Polish Arbitrator’s Pledge.

    The Polish Arbitrator’s Pledge encourages practitioners to maintain the highest standards, with the hopes of promoting wider use of the mechanism by business.

    Launched on 17 June, the Polish Arbitration Association’s Arbitrator’s Pledge sets out 15 best practice measures for conducting arbitration “in an expeditious and cost-effective manner”.

    The points primarily require arbitrators to commit enough time and attention to each case to ensure that proceedings and awards happen efficiently and quickly, while avoiding conflicts.

    One of the nine authors of the pledge, Squire Patton Boggs Warsaw managing partner Eligiusz Krześniak tells CDR that it was intended to “very openly say that these are the rules by which we as the arbitrators want to conduct the proceedings in which we participate”.

    He is keen to stress that this is not an attempt to interfere with the rules of any existing institutions, saying “we value the existing arbitration courts in Poland”, explaining instead that they “wanted to remind the arbitrators and encourage them to use rules which would, in our view, make arbitration more time-efficient and more cost-efficient and therefore more attractive to business”.

    As such, the authors boiled a longer list of suggestions to 15 points, focusing on including “rules which are not controversial and which are important at the same time” in the aim to be “as broad as possible”.

    “Our goal is to encourage the arbitrators in Poland,” he adds, but selling arbitration to the business community on time, cost and the chance to have a voice in proceedings is a key element.

    To read the full article, please go to the CDR website.