Recent Updates: California Consumer Privacy Act

    View Author September 2019

    Our Data Privacy, Cybersecurity & Digital Assets team has been closely analyzing the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), including amendments that passed last week, and similar laws in other states like Nevada. We have prepared several blog posts and alerts to keep our clients informed, which are described and linked in this alert.

    Please also remember to register for our October 17, 2019 webinar, when Elliot Golding and Lydia de la Torre will outline the requirements under the CCPA and practical steps to comply with the law. 

    CCPA 2019 Amendments: Do They Provide the Clarity Businesses Need? – An overview and analysis of the final CCPA amendments.

    CCPA and California’s New Registration Requirements – Discussion of the CCPA amendment imposing registration requirements on “data brokers.”

    CCPA and Gap Assessments – A summary of the importance of, and our recommendations for conducting, CCPA gap assessments.

    Nevada’s New Privacy Law Will Go Into Effect Next Month: Are You Ready? –A summary of Nevada’s privacy law, including a side-by-side comparison to CCPA.

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