The Top 10 Legal Mistakes Made by Early-stage Companies – A “Field Guide” for Family Office Investors

    View Author September 2019

    We are excited to present the following white paper, "The Top 10 Legal Mistakes Made by Early-stage Companies – A "Field Guide" for Family Office Investors," co-authored by Leah Brownlee (Cleveland), Dan Berick (Cleveland) and Tamara Fraizer (Palo Alto). Over the past several years, we have had the privilege of working globally with our clients and their other advisers to accomplish their families’ objectives. Along the way, we have gained an understanding of what it takes for families to create the optimal relationship between ownership of family wealth and its effective, coordinated management.

    This white paper examines common legal pitfalls that can jeopardize the ultimate success of an early-stage company, as family offices are increasingly viewing venture capital investment opportunities as an intriguing feature of the alternative investment landscape.

    We hope that you find this white paper to be both informative and thought provoking, and we look forward to keeping you up to date on key issues and trends affecting family offices around the globe, today and in the future.

    Please contact your principal lawyer or lawyers listed in this publication for additional information, or for help on these matters, from our global Family Office team.