Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) Bill: A Step Closer to Superfast Connectivity?

    View Author November 2019

    The UK is not moving fast enough to meet the government’s aim of being the world leader in superfast connectivity.

    One of the contributing factors is the failure of landowners (Grantors) to engage with operators, with an estimated 40% of requests made by operators being ignored. The Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) Bill (the Bill) was, therefore, introduced with the aim of dealing with unresponsive Grantors quickly and efficiently.

    The Bill proposes to insert a provision in Part 4 of Schedule 3A of the Communications Act 2003 (Part 4A). It provides a mechanism whereby an operator can make an application to court to impose an interim agreement conferring a code right on the operator where the property in question is a multi-occupier leasehold property and where the grantor fails to respond to requests/contact from operators.