Hot Topics in Pensions – Winter 2019/2020

    View Author December 2019

    Our Winter Hot Topics in Pensions is packed full of current developments for trustee and corporate agendas. We also look back at some of the newsworthy issues from the last decade, where risks were taken (or prevented).

    In your opinion, what were the greatest risks taken during the last decade? Perhaps Her Majesty’s parachute jump into the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012? Alternatively, what about astronaut Tim Peake, who, during his six months in space, not only ran a marathon, but also read a bedtime story to children on CBeebies (and we all know that young children can be a critical audience)?

    This edition of hot topics includes:

    • Key provisions of the pension schemes bill, which is expected to be introduced into the new Parliament in the same (or similar) format
    • Financial Conduct Authority changes that affect transfers of safeguarded rights
    • Setting objectives for investment consultants
    • Amendments to defined benefit investment guidance
    • What we are expecting in 2020

    Please contact any member of our Pensions team if you would like more information on any of the topics covered.