Businesses Scramble to Assess Business Interruption Insurance Coverage for COVID-19

    March 2020

    Recent events related to COVID-19 have brought great uncertainty, and businesses are scrambling to stay afloat and mitigate the damages. One option is pursuing coverage under commercial insurance policies. Businesses may find that this pursuit will not achieve the desired goals unless they have purchased broad coverage for pandemic-type events. Insurance policies differ markedly and coverage grants and exclusions are not all the same. As is usually the case, the specific terms and conditions of an insurance policy will prevail over assumptions and generalizations. Thus, any analysis of whether insurance covers claims arising from COVID-19 will be a fact-based determination on an individual insurance policy basis. Lawyers Larry P. Schiffer, Ellen MacDonald Farrell, Aaron C. Garavaglia and Kelly Mihocik take a closer look at business interruption insurance coverage for COVID-19 in HarrisMartin's Covid-19 Litigation Report Publication.

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