COVID-19 and Industry Shutdowns: US and Japan Overview

    View Author April 2020

    Throughout the world, novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) has presented unprecedented challenges to corporations and governments. Spurred by a need to curb the virus’s spread, governments have implemented sweeping measures, including mandatory and recommended industry sector shutdowns and other limitations on the activities of certain types of businesses. Many companies struggle to understand these shutdowns fully. What is the scope of the shutdown? What industry sectors are exempted? Is the shutdown mandatory or subject to individual judgment on the part of the company? When might the shutdown be lifted?

    Companies doing business in the US and Japan continue to grapple with these questions. This paper sets forth a broad roadmap of industry shutdowns in these countries, with a focus on the current restrictions applicable in Los Angeles, California, and Tokyo. If you should have any more specific inquiries in relation to the contents hereof, or in connection with any other legal obstacle relating to COVID-19, we stand ready to assist.