Litigation in Lockdown: Practical Tips for Virtual Mediations

    View Author June 2020

    Notwithstanding current travel and meeting restrictions, mediations are continuing to take place during lockdown but on a remote rather than “in person” basis.

    With growing delays and demands on courts and tribunals across the country caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, opting for a virtual mediation ahead of issuing any court proceedings or whilst waiting for a hearing date could well be the better choice for those litigants wanting a prompt resolution of their dispute at limited cost.

    Whilst it would be natural to be hesitant about the effectiveness of a remote dispute resolution process, our experience has shown that initial reservations can be overcome and that, on the whole, a virtual mediation runs much the same as a physical one, and provided it is well organised can work just as well. Moreover, virtual mediations have the additional advantages of zero travel costs and the convenience of attending from the comfort of your own home or home office.